Clearwater Bootcamp

Why join Prime-8 fitness boot camp?

1. Helps You Push Yourself Harder
Most people rarely push themselves as hard as an exercise professional will. We certainly won’t do anything to cause you physical injury, but we will push you to work harder than you normally would on your own. This helps you build stronger muscles faster, develop better endurance, and accelerate your fitness goals.

2. Support Group
Much like any program or association, when people are all going through the same thing together a common bond is formed. Boot Camp is no different, you will form friendships within your group. This helps you stick with your workout program, and provides you with instant “accountability” partners. Plus 85{24fa9309831cb98013083628d956aa9dce7dcb94a578d2ee170a672dec3088a2} of all our participants are returning students from previous sessions, and because they’ve already gone through the program once (or even 2,3,4 and 5 times) they help motivate and provide guidance to any new enrollee. Everyone works to keep you on target and feeling good about yourself.

3. It is Fun
The camaraderie, the intensity, and the different exercises all make our boot camp a lot more fun than typical programs. If you are stuck in the same boring routine day in and day out, chances are your enthusiasm for working out may “fizzle”.  Clearwater Boot Camp helps you get “fired” up and stay fired up about training again.

It is the ultimate workout program, regardless of your level of fitness. Anyone can do this class and you do not need fitness training to participate and have fun working out!